Việt Võ Đạo
Way of the Vietnamese Martial Arts. Viet Vo Dao is not a style but a generic term signifying "way of the Vietnamese Martial Arts" that regroups all the Vietnamese Styles, including Thanh Long.
A series of techniques
Võ Sinh
Learner, Student
学 Võ đường
Learning, knowledge, school : the "dojo", place of training.
Thanh Long
Thanh Long means Green Dragon, supple mythic animal, strong, noble, quick-tempered, however, goodness is its greatest virtue. The choice of that name sets the tone of the Viet Vo Dao style.
Trường Sơn
The Chain of Mountains, or, the Range of Mountains.
Bat Quaï
A mark of color on your belt indicating your progress in the school. The colour of Dans depends on your age and seniority : yellow for children, orange for teenagers, green for adults, red for seniors in the school.
Black Belt
The black belt is a distinction obtained after passing the "black belt" exams. The black belt certifies that the person as mastered the basics is able to train others. Often it is by training others that the student will further progress until the students becomes a Green dragon, able to open his or her own club.
Green Belt
Those who bear a green belt in our school are called Thanh Long. It is a distinction obtained after passing the "green belt" exams. The green belt certifies that the person as develop the full mental and technical qualities to teach others. It is an inner circle in the school which maintains a high-level of standard in the practice of this martial art.
Liên Hoa
Lotus flower.
Green / Pride.
The way as in "Viet Vo Dao" : the "Martial Way of Vietnam".
School, Temple.
Heart, Humanity, Goodness.
Feelings, Friendshop, Brotherhood.
Lễ (Lê)
Respect, Politeness.
Will, Persistance, Courage.
The given word, keeping promises.
chú lễ
The Chú Lê is the ceremony leader, generally the eldest in the club.
Lão Sư Đại Việt Thanh Long
Master Nguyễn Dân Phú
Lão Sư Trường Sơn Thanh Long
Master Nguyễn Dân Việt Gérard
Võ Phục
The Võ Phục is the training outfit of Viet Vo Dao Thanh Long and is traditionally black with white, black or green belts. Võ Phục is the Vietnamese equivalent for the Japanese word kimono. It is particularly well-adapted for training as it provides flexibility with style and yet it is a tough, resistance breathing material.
will, purpose, determination
humaneness, benevolence, kindeness