Viêt Võ ĐoThanh Long Trưò'ng Sơn South Africa

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Early poster for South Africa Poster starting little dragons children class Poster picturing Rhino Lodge
Poster 1 Poster 2 Poster 3

Digital Lien Hoa (Rosace)

The SVG vector graphics of the Rosace can be downloaded here (right click on this link and save as).
Get a preview of the Lien Hoa on this XHTML page if your browser supports SVG graphics. The SVG Lien Hoa Rosace code is logically organised and groups the various sinograms for easy modifications.
I recommand Inkscape (external link).


Porte-Clef en perles Rosace Key ring bead work

These are the canvas to realise a bead work of the rosace. These have been reduced to the minimum whereas the synograms (Vietnames writings) are still visible.

Blue grid Red grid