South Africa




June – 2008


Dear Vo Sinhs


Soon to come, KI DAO Classes and next workshop.

Khi Dao classes will re-open on Saturday the 5th July, and will go on every two Saturdays in a Park. As usual, the emphases will be on breathing and energy awareness exercises.

As the Internal style is as important as the other styles we practice in our school, I recommend all of you to attend that session.


Our Pretoria workshop in May was successful, now we can look forward to the next one, which is to take place on Saturday 28 June in Johannesburg. Please make sure by this date, you own a stick and a long gian (Nunchak), as working with weapons will be part of the program of that workshop.


I congratulate Marjorie who recently passed her 4th Cap. This is a reward for her assiduity, hard work and progress in the practice of our Martial Art. She is now joining Paul and Alpha.


Be aware that 4th Cap level, is the last before the black belt. At this level, Vo Sinhs become Assistant –Instructor, they must develop new aptitudes, build up leadership and technical skills, and they are expected to be able to run a class in a proper manner. To help them building up all these skills, each of them is assigned to run the first session (warming up) of the Friday class under my supervision, this over a month period.

It will be encouraging if all Vo Sinhs can regularly attend the Friday class.  


This year again we have the honour to host our Great Master NGUYEN DAN VIET Gerard, 8th Dan Vietvodao, founder of the School Thanh Long-Truong Son Vo Duong Quoc Te – VIETVODAO. He is coming to South Africa in November for a week to lead an exceptional 2 days workshop as in April 2007. That workshop is scheduled to the 8th and 9th November 2008.  That’s all I can tell for now, with regards to that event.


I encourage all of you guys to work harder in the best of your ability.



Best Regards


T.L. Paul-Armand


Thanh Long Representative for Africa