Viet Vo Dao -Thanh Long -Truong Son Phai

South Africa



March-April 2007 

Dear Vo Sinhs 

I am quite happy about your work guys, we are winning!

The last workshop was a success, we covered all the work that was scheduled and you did quite well. Remember! The most important is not really what you do or can do, but how you do it; it’s more about how “hard” you try. In other words what counts at the end of the day is your attitude towards what you want to achieve. 

Our next big event is to happen in April with our Great Master NGUYEN DAN VIET Gerard, 8th Dan Vietvodao, founder of the School Thanh Long-Truong Son Vo Duong Quoc Te – VIETVODAO.  

He is arriving to South Africa on Friday 6 April with 3 delegates:


We will then have an Exceptional 2 days training workshop with them in order to improve our standard (yet quite good). 

Now the big questions are: When? Where?  How?  

The workshop will be held over the Easter week-end: Saturday 7 & Sunday 8 April.

It will take place @ Rhino Lodge in Lanseria (visit: )

We will all meet on the Saturday morning and leave from the Mc Donald in RANDBURG (will talk about it at a later stage). 


This price includes;

  • 1 single bed
  • 1 Breakfast ( Sunday morning)
  • 2 Lunches ( Saturday and Sunday)
  • 1 Dinner ( Traditional SA Braai in lapa on Saturday after training)

All this will then cost you R 920 per person 


  1. We are required to deposit an upfront payment by March 15 in order for them to confirm our reservation. Kindly ensure that you pay at least your accommodation by this deadline.
  2. The deadline for your workshop fee is April 6 Friday as No cash will be handled on Saturday 6 (first day of the workshop).

Apart from the training and what you already know, you will enjoy a heated swimming pool (don’t forget your swimming costume), the game reserve and all its wild animals, the bush, fresh air and so much more that you can see on  

I have made all the efforts to make this coming event affordable so that you can benefit from that exceptional meeting. I dearly hope you will be amongst us.  

Best Regards 

Thanh Long Paul-Armand