Viêt Võ ĐoThanh Long Trưò'ng Sơn South Africa

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2010 Viet Vo Dao South Africa Club

From right to left:

Johannesburg Club Adults: Chú Lê Paul Van Wezel (1st-dan Black Belt)

Chu Le Paul van Wesel

Paul is our club eldest, the chú lê.
He trained under Paul-Armand and is now the trainer for the Johannesburg club.

Johannesburg Club Ladies : Marjorie (1st-dan Black Belt)


Marjorie obtained her black belt in November 2008. She can run the lessons in the absence of Paul.

Club Authority : Paul-Armand (3rd Dan Black belt)


The clubs in South Africa are under the operational and technical responsability of Paul-Armand MOMBEY-INDAKI.
Paul-Armand, 3rd-Dan Green Belt, represents the school of Viet Vo Dao Thanh Long Truong Son Vo Duong Quoc Te for South Africa.

Pretoria Club Khi Dao : Guillaume (4th-cup White Belt)


Guillaume attends training in Johannesburg and can organise introduction classes in Pretoria on demand.

Johannesburg Club Kid Classes : Alpha (4th-cup White Belt)


em Alpha