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Suitable for everyone, Thanh Long is an all-round Martial Art aiming at improving discipline, self-confidence, health, vitality, mental clarity, and overall development of the body, mind and spirit.


There is not any restriction on age or sex: Viet-Vo-Dao Thanh Long is for all who like Martial Arts which provide self-control & harmony between body and spirit, power and softness, human and nature, in addition to self-defence and weapons.

Ladies' Practice

Happily going to training

All the techniques of the school are accessible to the ladies.

Women follow the whole programme and once the common basics are acquired, the training from black belt specializes into dodging techniques.
Strikes are made more effective with a specific form of energy called "nerve" energy. This form leads to a greater efficiency and minimizes the use of muscular strength.

Children's practice : The Little Dragon's Class

Kid's practice

Martial arts in the movies may not offer a true indication of what the «sport» teaches to children (or adults). Allowing your child to receive martial arts training is not opening up a door to violence; it is opening a door to building a solid foundation of self-esteem and confidence. Children with learning difficulties, hyperactivity or behavior problems can also benefit from the structured learning programme that our school offers. Through training, children have visible proof of their ability, and are graded as a reward of their achievements, which enhances their self-esteem and level of commitment.

Viet Vo Dao will help to implement:

Read more about the benefits that Viet Vo Dao brings to your child with Little Dragon' class guide, click here

Internal breathing and external physical forms.

The External style
The external style meets the necessity to develop practical aptitudes to face up to violent attacks, master your fear and be confident. Throughout realistic and effective self-defence methods you learn:
  • How to build your being (physically and mentally) with techniques developing the mastery of the body; stretching, loosening up and hardening exercises.
  • Basic techniques; kicks, punches and blocks, the 5 animal hand forms, namely; the claw, the fist, the palm, the pick and the edge of the hand.
  • Vital points and superior techniques.
  • Conditioning work; prepares the body and enhances its abilities through limbering, hardening and warming up exercises, muscle-development, kicks, punches, blocks, dodging and basic techniques.
  • Self-defence; meets the necessity to develop practical aptitudes to face up to violent attacks, master your fear and be confident. Throughout our realistic and effective self-defence methods you learn how to take control of your opponent.
  • In this Style, Vo Sinhs (Students) are also taught forms of traditional techniques enabling the work of mobility. They work with a partner to enable the acquisition of timing, distance, preciseness and control, which helps to demonstrate the effectiveness of the technique.
The Internal style
The internal style answers the need to be healthy. Its purpose is to harmonise and find a balance between the negative and positive poles of your body. It teaches you how to become aware of your vital energy, how to develop and make this energy circulate through your entire body by emphasising its Chi Gong's practices on: breathing vigorously, exploring deep relaxation, awareness and harmony between the Am & Duong (yin/yang), finally achieving peace and love while doing Bat Quaï forms (Tai Chi). In this Style, the work emphasis is on the breathing, which is essential on the path of the Vo Sinh and in the discovery of one's own body.
The Traditional style
The traditional style mainly deals with the training of weapons; single and double sword, long and short stick, spear, flail and halberd.
  • Long and short stick,
  • Single and double-edged sword
  • Nunchak's
  • Spear
  • Halberd