Viêt Võ ĐoThanh Long Trưò'ng Sơn South Africa

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Family Lotus Petal This link will tell you about about the various programmes for men and women, teenagers and kids. It explains how Viet Vo Dao practice benefits each age group and that there are special forms for both ladies and men.

Club Lotus Petal Follow this link to find out how to join our club (form, fees, terms)

Style Lotus Petal Read about our club's ethos, our values and the styles we practice ( external and internal forms, Tai Chi and Combat).

School Lotus Petal Follow this link to find out more information about the martial art school of Viet Vo Dao

History Lotus Petal Follow this link to read about were Viet Vo Dao comes from as a martial art current from Vietnam. This will tell you who are our elders and masters.

Pictures Lotus Petal Look here for the photo galleries of our club practicing, training place and the trips and workshops in South Africa.